Policies and Procedures

Availability of micro-datasets is classified into three groups, according to the sensitivity of their content and inherent disclosure risk:

  • Public use files
  • Licensed files
  • Files accessible on-site (data enclave)

Public use files

Public use files are microdata files characterized by a low disclosure risk, or by the fact that respondents gave their formal consent to the data dissemination. They are made available on-line to all interested users, for research and statistical purposes only. Users are asked to complete an on-line form and agree to abide by our terms and conditions before being provided with the data.

Licensed files

Access to licensed datasets is through request and is only granted to Data Users/Researchers with a legally registered sponsoring agency (university, company, research centre, national or international organization, etc.).

The Data Users/Researchers must agree to comply with the following:

1. Fill up an online License Dataset Request (Application Form) in the data catalogpage.

2. Access to the confidential data will be limited to the Data Users/Researchers listed in the application form.

3. To transmit a copy of the analytical report prepared by Data User/Researcher utilizing the data released as per that request

4. Refrain from copying and releasing any un-published reports or data files to any other person.

5. Refrain from attempting to identify any respondent who had provided data to NIS whose identity was accidentally revealed during the course of analysis undertaken by the applicant.

6. If there are any changes or additional requirements in the original request, the Data User/Researcher must apply for another request.

7. Use for statistical purposes only

Files accessible on-site (data enclave)

Where the data is particularly sensitive, access is only provided on-site in our data enclave under strict conditions, and only for research purposes. The data enclave is located in [location: Area, Province or city]. The computers within the enclave are not linked to the outside world; researchers do not have email or internet access.

Permission to access the data enclave must be submitted using our Enclave Access Request Form (which provides detailed information on conditions and rules of access). Authorized users are required to sign a formal Microdata Access Agreement. Further, the NIS will scrutinize the generated outputs in a full disclosure review before they are released.